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Beginners Guide To Pool Care I felt like I had won the lottery the first time we were able to buy a house which had an inground pool. However, I quickly learned that I knew nothing about pool care. Several years later, I know how to care for our pool year round thanks to advice and help from my local pool contractor. I wanted to start this blog so that I could help other first-time pool owners with what to watch out for regarding their swimming pool. From signs of water leakage to how to winterize your pool, my blog posts are aimed to be educational and informative for pool care newbies.




The Latest Pool Trends For Small Spaces And Luxury Designs

As the summer heat intensifies, many homeowners seek refuge in their backyard oasis. However, limited space can pose a challenge when creating a pool that fits perfectly into smaller areas.

What Are Some Popular Pool Trends For Small Spaces?

When it comes to small spaces, compact pool designs are necessary. These designs maximize every inch of available space while still providing a refreshing swimming experience. From geometric shapes to lap pools or plunge pools, there are options that cater specifically to smaller backyards.

Incorporating space-saving features and accessories is key to optimizing functionality in small pool areas. This may include built-in seating or benches along the pool's edge, hidden storage compartments for pool equipment or toys, or even retractable covers that can transform your pool area into additional patio space when not in use.

Thinking outside the box is essential when maximizing small pool areas. Incorporating water features such as fountains or cascading waterfalls adds visual interest and creates a soothing ambiance within your limited outdoor oasis.

Is Saltwater Or Chlorine Pool System Better For You?

Saltwater pools are popular due to their lower chemical content and the benefits this provides, such as softer water and reduced skin irritation. However, they require proper maintenance to ensure optimal performance and prevent damage caused by saltwater corrosion.

Chlorine pools have been the go-to choice for many homeowners, as they are reliable and easier to maintain than saltwater systems. A chlorine pool can provide a clean and inviting swimming environment with proper water balance and regular chlorination. Understanding the necessary maintenance routines is crucial for keeping your pool in top condition regardless of the type.

What Are Some Luxury Pool Design Features That Add Elegance?

For those seeking a touch of luxury, infinity spas or hot tubs can create an elegant focal point. These visually stunning features give the illusion of water blending seamlessly into its surroundings while offering relaxation and therapeutic benefits.

Adding fire features such as fire pits or torches near your pool area can enhance aesthetics and functionality. The warm glow of flickering flames creates an inviting atmosphere that extends your swimming enjoyment into the evening hours.

What Are The Benefits Of Installing Heated Pools Or Spas?

Installing heated pools or spas allows for year-round enjoyment regardless of weather conditions. Even during colder months, you can still take a dip and relax in warm water. Additionally, heating your pool extends the swimming season, giving you more time to make the most of your investment.

Warm water therapy has numerous health benefits, including muscle relaxation, improved circulation, and stress relief. Whether enjoying a gentle swim or soaking in a heated spa, these therapeutic properties can enhance your overall well-being. For more information on pool construction, contact a professional near you.