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Why Install A Swim Spa In Your Backyard?

If you're considering installing a pool and spa tub in your backyard, then you can combine both options in a swim spa. How do swim spas work? What are their benefits?

What Is a Swim Spa?

Swim spas combine a pool and a spa in one unit. These products look like small swimming pools or large hot tubs.

A swim spa primarily works on hot tub technology. The spa's jets create currents in the pool water. So, while you can use the pool as a spa tub, you can also swim in it.

The jet's currents create water resistance. When you start to swim in the water, the currents hold you in place. So, while you might not physically move in the water, you get an effective swim workout. You can also use spas with advanced features for hydrotherapy massage and treadmill exercises.

Some models combine the spa and pool in one unit. Others have separate spa and pool sections.

What Are the Benefits of Swim Spas?

If you have a small backyard, then you'll find it hard to fit in a spa tub and a pool that is big enough to swim in. If you want to use your pool to exercise or to train, then you aren't likely to get a pool that is big enough for your needs.

You'll have to deal with lots of short laps and irritating turns that affect your swim flow. You might have to sacrifice having a tub just to get a slightly larger pool.

Swim spas solve these problems. You can use the spa as a hot tub when you want to relax. As swim spas are bigger than regular spas, you can fit in more people. So, your whole family or a group of friends can use your spa at the same time.

Plus, you get an effective way to swim for exercise, rehabilitation, or training. The swim-in-place system you get here allows you to swim continuously without moving. You can change the spa's controls to choose the resistance you need. So, you can have a gentle or more intensive swim.

Swim spas are also fun for all the family. Children enjoy playing in the water; you can devise fun games for them to play. You'll also find it easier to teach kids how to swim in a jet-controlled pool.

To find out more about swim spas and how they would work in your yard, contact local swimming pool services such as Outdoor Living Pools & Patio.