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A Pool Cleaning Service Can Maintain Your Pool Filter So You Don't Have To Clean It Yourself

When you have a backyard pool, you want the water to be sparkling clean all the time so you can swim when you get the urge. A pool requires a lot of cleaning, but you can hire a pool cleaning service to do most of the work. You may want the service to clean the sides of the pool, adjust the chemicals to prevent algae, and clean the pool filter when needed. Here's a look at cleaning the pool filter.

Signs Your Pool Filter Needs To Be Cleaned

The filter keeps your water clean, so when the filter is damaged or clogged, the water in your pool might get cloudy. You might also notice a decrease in water flow if water has difficulty getting through the filter. You can also watch the pressure gauge, and if it's out of range, that's a sign the filter needs to be cleaned or changed.

Frequency For Cleaning A Pool Filter

It's better to clean the filter on a schedule than wait until it's clogged and the water gets cloudy. The frequency of cleaning depends on the type of filter you have and how much you use your pool. Common filters include sand, diatomaceous earth, and cartridge filters. Your filter may need to be cleaned weekly or less often, and it should be deep cleaned a couple of times a year.

Procedure For Pool Filter Cleaning

A pool cleaning service knows how to clean and maintain each type of pool filter so you don't have to worry about it. They can clean the filter during their weekly pool cleaning visits. A sand filter may need to be backwashed each week. A diatomaceous earth filter might be backwashed less often. The cleaners will follow the instructions of the filter manufacturer, and they will also check the pressure gauge for signs the filter is getting clogged with bugs and other debris.

The pool cleaning service might clean a cartridge filter every two or three months. If the filter isn't too dirty, simply hosing it off with water should be enough to clean it. If the filter is dirty, it may need to soak in a cleaning solution to get clean again.

When your pool filter is taken apart to be cleaned, no matter what type of filter you have, the pool cleaner has the chance to check the condition of the filter, rubber O-rings, and other parts so they can be replaced if needed.

Besides cleaning the filter, the pool cleaning service also cleans the pool itself so your entire system is ready for another week of swimming in clean and sanitary water.