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Hot Tub Repairs To Prepare Your Spa For Relaxing, Cool Summer Nights

Often, hot tubs are closed for winter like pools are to save on costs and maintenance. Therefore, you may need to prepare your spa. The problem is that all this idle time means that there may be some damage to your spa that needs to be repaired. The following hot tub repairs will ensure your spa is ready for relaxing, cool summer nights.

Removing Any Water From the Spa

The preparations for your spa need to begin by removing any water. You will need to remove any standing water from the bottom of the hot tub. You will also want to blow the lines out with air, which will remove any water. This needs to be done before cleaning to prepare your spa and start using it.

Cleaning the Spa and Descaling

After you have removed the water from your hot tub, it is going to need to be thoroughly cleaned. Several things need to be done when cleaning the spa, including:

  • Scrubbing the interior of the spa
  • Dismantling and cleaning jets and inlets
  • Descaling the hot tub equipment

Cleaning your spa thoroughly before you start using it will ensure it is working efficiently. It will also prevent problems like scaling from causing damage to the equipment.

Filling the Spa to Find Leaks

After thoroughly cleaning the hot tub, you need to start filling it. This is when you need to pay attention to the plumbing and areas around the spa. You want to look for leaks that need to be repaired. Some of the common hot tub leaks to look for include:

  • Leaks around jets and inlets
  • Cracks in the spa shell
  • Damaged plumbing and fittings
  • Problems with spa equipment

The leaks may start off small, but they will get worse as you start using your spa. Therefore, you want to have these problems repaired before you finish the maintenance and repairs.

Testing Spa Equipment That Needs Repair

There may also be issues with equipment that needs to be repaired before you can start using your spa. Some of the equipment problems that hot tubs need after not being used for the winter months include:

  • Failing seals around the pump and plumbing
  • Scaling causing problems with circulation
  • Damaged heater not heating the water

Your spa may need minor repairs before you start using it. Repairing the equipment now will help you avoid downtime when equipment fails during the summer months.

The problems with your spa can be avoided by having it serviced properly before closing it for winter. You may want to contact a hot tub repair service to fix these issues in time for summer.