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Pool Repair For Winter Damage To Do When The Weather Gets Nicer And Spring Is Near

As the winter weather gets colder and temperatures dip below freezing, there are some areas around your home that are vulnerable to damage. If you have a pool, then the plumbing, equipment, and finishes are some of the areas that are vulnerable to damage. While it may not be the best time to do repairs when it is still freezing outside, you are going to want to do repairs as soon as the warm spring weather is near. The following tips will help you get the repairs done to your pool that are going to be needed before you open it in late spring:

1. Cracked Pool Plumbing Pipes That Happen Due to a Lack of Winterization Efforts

The most vulnerable areas of your pool during the winter months are the plumbing pipes. If the pool is not properly winterized, water that gets trapped in pipes can cause cracks and leaks. Therefore, it is a good idea to partially drain the pool and winterize the pipes and equipment to prevent this winter damage that can be costly to repair.

2. Repairing and Upgrading Pool Filtration Equipment Before Warmer Spring Weather

The pool filtration system is another area of your pool that is vulnerable to damage during the cold winter weather. Therefore, you want to make sure that it is also winterized to protect against damage when the temperatures drop. If the filtration equipment is damaged, then you may want to consider upgrading it when doing repairs to improve the water quality of your pool and reduce summer maintenance costs.

3. Cracked Liners and Damage to Pool Surfaces That Can Grow Worse with Freezing Winter Weather

The freezing winter weather can also cause damage to surfaces and liners in pools. Sometimes, the damage to the surface in your pool may be minor, but cold temperatures make the material dry and more vulnerable to cracks. Therefore, you will want to repair the damage to pool surfaces when you notice it to prevent it from getting worse and costlier to repair.

4. Problems with Wear and Cracks to Pool Deck Surfaces That Gets Worse During Winter

The pool deck surface of your pool area is another area that can be damaged during the winter weather. If there are cracks and wear on the surface, you will want to have this damage repaired before warm spring weather arrives. If you have an old pool deck surface with a lot of wear and old repairs, you may want to consider having it replaced before you get ready to open your pool in late spring.

These are some tips to help you with the repairs that your pool is going to need before you get ready to open it in late spring. If you need help with repairing the damage winter weather has caused to your pool, contact a pool repair service to complete the repairs before the warmer spring weather arrives.