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Questions To Know The Answers To When Shopping For A Hot Tub

Think about a life of luxury, and what is one of the things that comes to mind that you can add to your home? If you are like a lot of people, one of the very first things you will come up with is a hot tub. These large soaking tubs filled with steamy hot water help you relax and unwind, entertain, delight, and get the most out of your time at home. Here are a few things to know before you start shopping. 

How many people will typically use the hot tub?

This is one of the biggest questions to consider before buying your own spa. If you will likely be the only person using the unit or if it will just be you and your spouse, you probably are not going to want a hot tub that is all that large. On the other hand, if your spa will be part of an entertainment attraction when you have guests over, you will fare better with a larger unit that can hold several people at one time. 

How much space do you have for the hot tub?

You may have ample outdoor space on your deck or patio, or you may only be working with a small room. In either case, knowing exactly how much space you have will help you get straight to the units that will fit into your planned location. Spas and hot tubs can be pretty massive in size and even custom built, but they can also be pretty small and conservative. 

Will the hot tub be kept indoors or outdoors?

Most of the units you will find will be flexible in that they can be installed indoors or outdoors, but some of them do work better in one location or the other. One of the first things a pool contractor will ask you when you call for help or visit the pool store is where the hot tub will be located, so it is best if you already know what you want. 

What is your hot tub budget?

Hot tubs can be found at several different price points, so finding one that fits your budget should not be all that difficult to do. However, if you know what your budget is when you start shopping for your model, you will have an easier time going directly to those units you can afford. Keep in mind that installation can be separate from the advertised hot tub prices you may see at the pool store. 

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