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Beginners Guide To Pool Care I felt like I had won the lottery the first time we were able to buy a house which had an inground pool. However, I quickly learned that I knew nothing about pool care. Several years later, I know how to care for our pool year round thanks to advice and help from my local pool contractor. I wanted to start this blog so that I could help other first-time pool owners with what to watch out for regarding their swimming pool. From signs of water leakage to how to winterize your pool, my blog posts are aimed to be educational and informative for pool care newbies.




Pool Popularity Problems? Maintenance Tips for Tired Pool Owners

Have you ever noticed that the most popular homes in the neighborhood each summer are the ones with a swimming pool? The thought of splashing around in the cool water is just too much for kids—and sometimes their parents, too—to resist.

While most homeowners enjoy hosting their neighbors and sharing the pleasure of their pools, the additional traffic in and out of the water often causes the need for additional maintenance.

If your home is the popular one with a pool in your neighborhood and you would love to reduce the amount of time you have to spend on pool maintenance each summer because of it, here are some easy tips you can try. 

Implement some helpful rules

Some of the dirt and debris that you end up having to skim or vacuum comes from the pool's users. By implementing a few basic rules, you may be able to also reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning up after pool users. Three good rules to implement include the following: 

  • emptying pockets of any clothing you allow in the pool to keep tissues, money, gum, and other things out of the water
  • limiting clothing options for swimming to actual swimwear or suitable shorts and tank tops or tees
  • requiring everyone to rinse away grass clippings and dirt from their feet before climbing the ladder or going out onto the pool apron or deck surface

Setting up a small bench and garden hose at the entry point to the pool will offer guests a comfortable place to rinse their feet before they approach the pool. 

Consider removing problematic trees or landscaping

In addition to dirt and debris that come along with heavy usage of your pool, landscaping can also be a problem. Oaks, maples, and many other species of trees drop pollen, leaves, and acorns, all of which can end up in your pool or in the filter system. Removing problem landscaping can have the double benefit of reducing maintenance while also providing more access to sunshine in your pool area. 

Consider asking pool users to help with maintenance needs

Another way to reduce the time you spend maintaining your pool is to ask regular pool users to share the task. kids, teens, and even their parents may be happy to volunteer their time or show their appreciation by offering to help pay for regular professional pool maintenance.

Professional pool maintenance may actually be very inexpensive, especially when you compare the cost to the time you may already be spending. 

To learn more, contact a pool maintenance service in your area.