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4 Natural Pool Maintenance Tips to Prevent Issues with Algae When Summer Heat Gets Here

One of the pool design trends that is becoming more common is natural filtration. These systems are great because they are attractive, natural-looking, and chemical free. This does not mean that you can forget about maintenance or will not have to deal with problems like algae. The following tips will help you deal with algae and other problems that may affect your natural pool when the summer heat gets here:

1. Get an Early Start on Cleaning and Removing Heavy Debris from Water

You will want to get an early start on cleaning and remove heavy debris from the water that decays and causes problems with water quality. It is important to remove plant debris like tree leaves and other heavy materials that collect in the pool. This is especially important with new pools that are still adjusting to the environment naturally.

2. Use the Right Combination of Plants and Animals for the Design of Your Pool

It is important to have the right combination of plants, animals, and water features for the needs of your pool. Even if you have a pool similar to another one in a different area, your pool may need a little different design due to the different environment and ecosystems around your home. For example, a hot and humid area may need more fish and running water to keep larvae out of the water than a pool in a drier climate.

3. Install Extra Large Pond Skimmers That Help Keep Debris out of the Water

It is important that you get the large debris out of the water in your pool quickly, which is something that common pool skimmers cannot handle. Therefore, it is a better idea to install larger pond skimmers, which can handle more materials that float on the top of the water and ensure your pool's water is cleaner and free of algae blooms that affect water quality.

4. Routine Plant and Animal Care to Ensure Your Pool Is Clean and Safe for Swimming

Routine plant and animal care will also help to ensure your pool is clean, clear, and safe to swim in. Make sure to remove any waste that gets into the pool or filtration system to keep the water clear. In addition, trimming plants to reduce waste will help improve the water quality and prevent problems with excessive algae blooms that can affect the water when the weather gets warmer.

These are some tips that will help with the maintenance and improvements that you will need to do to deal with algae when summer heat arrives. If you need help getting a hard start on caring for your natural pool this year, contact a pool maintenance service, such as Clean Touch Pool Service, to ensure problems like algae do not cause issues when it is time to go swimming.