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Beginners Guide To Pool Care I felt like I had won the lottery the first time we were able to buy a house which had an inground pool. However, I quickly learned that I knew nothing about pool care. Several years later, I know how to care for our pool year round thanks to advice and help from my local pool contractor. I wanted to start this blog so that I could help other first-time pool owners with what to watch out for regarding their swimming pool. From signs of water leakage to how to winterize your pool, my blog posts are aimed to be educational and informative for pool care newbies.




Signs Your Aboveground Spa Has A Leak

If your spa is leaking, the leak needs to be located and repaired quickly. This helps to prevent excessive water loss and prevents water from damaging other parts of the spa. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to determine if you have a leak. The amount of water you have in your spa can fluctuate based on the outdoor temperature, how often the spa is being used, and whether kids are splashing water out of the spa. Here are a few of the common signs that your aboveground spa has a leak. 

You Notice a Puddle Around the Spa

One of the most noticeable signs of a leak in an aboveground pool is a puddle around the spa. If you have not used the spa, there should not be any moisture or puddles outside of the spa. If you notice a puddle, take your hand and feel the joints nearest the area. Odds are, you will notice the outside of the spa is wet and may even find exactly where the crack in the spa is that is allowing water to leak out.

Water Is Disappearing Quickly

Another tell-tale sign that your aboveground spa has a leak is water disappearing too quickly. Most people have a relatively good idea as to how frequently they need to add water to their spa. If you have not increased the usage of your spa and find yourself having to add water to it faster, you may have a leak. A good way to check is to place a cup or bowl on the first step into your spa. Try to fill the cup or bowl with water so the water level is equal to that in your spa. Then allow the cup or bowl to sit in place. If you see that water is disappearing from your spa faster than it is evaporating from the cup or bowl, odds are that you have a leak. 

The Chemicals Are Constantly Unbalanced

The final sign that your aboveground spa has a leak is that the chemicals in your pool are constantly unbalanced. If you are struggling to maintain the balance of chemicals in your pool suddenly, you may have a leak. The chemicals may be leaking out, which is causing the problem you are experiencing. 

If you suspect you have a spa leak or you know for certain you have one, you need to contact a spa service company that offers repairs. They can help determine whether you do have a leak, where the leak is located, and how to best repair the leak. Contact your preferred spa service today to get started, or visit websites like http://www.anchorpools.com for more information.