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4 Tips To Help You Get Control For Pool Maintenance This Summer To Keep Water Clean And Clear

Often, getting a late start on pool maintenance means that you will be battling water quality problems and algae all summer. If you take control of the maintenance now and get the water clear before you open your pool, you will have fewer problems throughout the summer swimming season. Here are some tips to help you get control of pool maintenance to keep the water clean and clear all summer:

1. Remove Cover and Any Heavy Debris from Winter That Is in The Water

To start getting your pool ready for summer, you will first want to remove the cover to get ready to start cleaning. Once you have removed the cover from your pool, you can start by removing any large debris or materials that have gotten in the pool during the winter months. Use a skimming net to do this and continue removing algae or other debris as you begin circulating the water in your pool.

2. Prepare the Pump and Backwash the Filter To Begin Circulating the Water

Before you can begin with any major maintenance, you will want to inspect the pump and backwash the filter to get ready to start circulating the water. When you begin circulating the water in your pool, you may have to backwash the filter several times to remove debris and ensure the water is circulating at the right rate of gallons per minute. This will help clear the water of larger particles before you do other treatments like shocking the pool with a chlorine treatment.

3. Check the Pool for Leaks and Damage That Need to Be Repaired Before Summer

Leaks can be a major problem with your pool and make it difficult to maintain water levels and quality. The leaks may come from issues like tears in a liner, which may need to be replaced if you have an old vinyl pool liner. The leaks may also come from damage to plumbing that is caused by water in the lines during cold winter months when they have not been winterized properly. Before you begin treating the water in your pool, you will want to repair or replace the liner and any issues with the plumbing installation and other equipment.

4. Fill the Pool to The Right Level, Shock the Water and Begin Circulating It

Once you have checked the plumbing and your pool liner for leaks, you will be ready to shock the water after repairs have been done or the liner replaced. Shock the pool with a treatment that brings that chlorine level up and fill the pool to the full level. Keep circulating the pump and filter for 24 hours a day until the chlorine levels go back down to a normal level.

These are some tips that will help you with pool maintenance to get a good start on summer and ensure the water stays clear throughout the season. If your pool has a vinyl liner with leaks or tears, contact a vinyl pool liner service to have it replaced to prevent problems with maintaining your pool this summer. 

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